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Sagging, furrowed forehead skin and heavy, drooping eyebrows can lend an old, tired, even angry aspect to your face. In some cases, sagging brows can even begin to interfere with your vision. As a means of restoring youth to the area above the eyes, we offer brow lift cosmetic surgery to our patients from San Diego, Tijuana, and beyond.

Brow lift surgery rejuvenates your face by lifting forehead skin and eyebrows. Forehead skin and fat are trimmed and some muscles may be altered or released to smooth out wrinkles and creases. The eyebrows are raised into a higher, more youthful-looking position, and are secured into their new position using special sutures beneath the skin.

Patients will generally be able to return to work within seven to ten days of a brow lift procedure. The entire healing process may take several weeks, at the end of which a new, more refreshed look will be readily apparent. Dr. Javier Garcia receives patients from throughout the Tijuana and San Diego areas who are interested in brow lift procedures and the rejuvenating effects they can have. Please contact the Providence Plastic Surgery today to schedule a brow lift consultation with Dr. Javier Garcia.

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