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As you age, your skin naturally loses some of its elasticity, causing breasts to sag. This effect can be compounded by pregnancies, which can cause fluctuations in breast volume; breast feeding can also result in sagging. The cosmetic surgery practice of Dr. Javier Garcia, located near San Diego in Tijuana, offers breast lift surgery to restore a fuller, more youthful look to breasts that have sagged over time.

When he performs breast lift surgery, Dr. Garcia makes a few careful incisions, and then removes excess skin and tissue. He brings the remaining skin together, forms a new contour for the breast, and closes the incisions with stitches. Patients who have breast lift at the Providence Plastic Surgery will find that some scarring occurs, but scars will be placed so they can be easily concealed beneath a bathing suit. Some patients may choose to complement their breast lift procedure with breast augmentation to achieve results that are even more voluminous and dramatic.

If you would like to have fuller, firmer, younger-looking breasts, please contact our Tijuana practice near San Diego to arrange a breast lift consultation. Dr. Garcia and the entire staff at the Providence Plastic surgery look forward to providing attentive, personalized care and beautiful results.

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